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Eat all the chicken, raise all the money


Local Peeps,
How Can We Help?

Have an organization that means a cluck-ton? Let our flock help by hosting a fundraiser night, sponsoring a team, providing school rewards or donating a chicken-y gift for a raffle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fundraiser Night?

Fundraiser nights are a great way to bring like-minded peeps, chicken littles, and families together to fundraise for a school, little league, or other non-profit organization. Select an upcoming Monday – Thursday, and we’ll generate a flyer to help you spread the word. Supporters can visit the restaurant any time between 4pm – close and we’ll donate 15% of dine-in and take-out checks back to the organization.

Is a donation guaranteed?

As you might imagine, we are approached by hundreds of extraordinarily worthy charities and organizations looking for gift cards, auction items or sponsorships. While we wish we could accommodate all requests, we need to focus our donation efforts on a limited number of causes that are personally important to us and support these causes in a very meaningful way. We realize that this approach precludes us from participating in many other very important causes and understand that this may create modest disappointment to organizations that we don’t include in our plans. However, we want to make clear that we will be very involved in the community and appreciate your patronage greatly.

How far in advance should I submit my request?

Please give us at least two weeks for raffle requests, and a month for food donations, school rewards and sponsorships. For fundraiser nights, the more in advance you plan it, the more time you have to promote it and make it a successful one!

What kinds of things can you donate?

Gift cards, experiences, merchandise, free items, meals and other chicken-related donations or awards for thriving lil’ cluckers.

What is a CORPORATE Fundraiser and how can I get my employer involved?

Corporate Fundraisers are a great way to step away from the cubicles while raising money for something important to your workplace. Similar to how it works for schools and little leagues, encourage everyone in your company to visit The Crack Shack or order online on fundraising day, and we'll kick back 15% of checks to your corporation. The dollars can be donated to your favorite charity, staff rewards, employee incentives or other fundraising goals.