Ingredients on a Higher Perch

The ingredients that make up our menu have been thoughtfully sourced to provide a more nutritional, wholesome, elevated spin on fast comfort food. The bonds we’ve formed with top farmers and purveyors in each market allow us to get our wings on local, organic, non-GMO product whenever possible. This sourcing ethos isn’t just better for you, we think it tastes better, too.

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Meet the Ingredients


Sourced From

Jidori Farm

Los Angeles, CA

Jidori is the only farm in all of California that uses certified, non-GMO, all natural feed with no meat by-products, hormones or antibiotics.

  • The birds are fed an all natural vegetarian diet and given “beyond free range" on vast pastures.

  • Jidori Farm is also the only live butcher in the state. They provide chicken within 12-32 hours of slaughtering, which ensures peak freshness in every bite.

  • Icon image signifying non-emo products Non-GMO

  • Icon image signifying no bleaches or dyes used No bleaches or dyes

  • Icon image signifying all products are antibiotic free Antibiotic free


Sourced From

Gonestraw Farms

Riverside, CA

The chickens that lay our eggs also live happy, free range lives roaming the vast pastures of Gonestraw Farms.

  • Gonestraw prides themselves on all natural, sustainable farming.

  • Their farm fresh eggs are as nutritious as they are delicious, ensuring a plump orange yolk that you just can’t get enough of.

  • Icon image of an egg All natural

  • Icon image of a chicken Free range

  • Icon image of a farm Pasture raised


Sourced From

Boutique local farms

Various locations

When possible, we source non-GMO and organic produce.

  • All of our produce is sourced from boutique local farms near each of our coops.

  • Our access to pristine produce shines on our menu, from the healthy bowls to the fresh toppings on our sandwiches.

  • Icon image of a pin on a map Hyper-local

  • Icon image signifying non-emo products Non-GMO


Sourced From


Local to each location

We work with local, micro-artisan-bakeries to bring our custom breads to life.

  • All our bread is handmade with no preservatives or other funky ingredients.

  • Love our mini biscuits? They’re made with love, in house daily.

  • Fun Fact: The onion bread for our signature firebird was developed by us in conjunction with SoCal legend Bread & Cie Bakery.

  • Icon image of a beaker with chemicals in it No preservatives

  • Icon image of a rolling pin Custom recipes

  • Icon image of two hands All handmade


Sourced From

Le Sanctuaire

San Francisco, CA

We worked with Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco to develop many of our spice blends, including our signature “Crack Spice”.

  • Le Sanctuaire is family owned and is considered the top spice supplier for many of the best restaurants in the world.

  • All of our spices are organic, hand-picked and ground to order.

  • Icon image of the sun Organic

  • Image icon of a hand holding a plant Hand-picked

  • Icon image of a mortar and pestle Ground to order


Sourced From


Our condiments are made from scratch daily.

  • The sauce program was designed to encompass the full range of the palate: sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, sour & umami.

  • We rotate sauces based on guest feedback, seasonal produce, and culinary innovation to fulfill all your dippin and dunkin dreams.

  • Icon image of a tomato Scratch made daily

  • Image icon signifying rotation Constantly rotating

  • Icon image of a beaker with chemicals in it No preservatives