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The Scoop

Serious about chicken -- aaand that's about it.

The Scoop

Serious about chicken -- aaand that's about it.

“Best Fried Chicken Restaurant in the US” -Thrillist

When your inspiration is as wide as the world and your chickens as free as the ranges they roam, a culinary treat beyond the ordinary is ready to hatch.

When the all-star team behind San Diego fine dining sensation Juniper and Ivy pondered over what to do with the abandoned shack next to their restaurant, they never anticipated their fried chicken passion project would attract the masses. At the forefront of the chicken craze, The Crack Shack’s culmination of a meticulously prepared menu, thoughtfully sourced, pristine local ingredients, laid-back vibe and unexpected level of hospitality brings a certain je ne sais ‘squawk’ for sumptuous delight.

Meet The Team

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Forget about which came first.

The chef-driven menu intentionally crafts both the chicken and the egg for you to enjoy with reckless abandon and the assurance that you’re savoring every bite of locally raised, free-living chickens without a care or antibiotic in them—just as they should be.

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The Experience

Welcome to the Coop.

Upon the great tradition of deliciously fried chicken, we’ve infused our Southern California spirit into the entire experience—reimagining classic comfort food with fine dining flair in a coop-like atmosphere inspired by our love for chicken and sunshine. Cock-tail, anyone?

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