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What IS "Southern California Fried Chicken"

I’m glad you asked! We’re SoCal-born & raised, so our chicken, fixin’s and side cluck are influenced by our baja-proximity: a tad lighter, with more freshness, acidity, and regional ingredients. We LOVE traditional Southern Fried Chicken, but we’re not trying to cluck with something that the South does perfectly well already–we wanted to pave the way for a whole new category contender in the chicken revolution.

How does this work!?

We’re a counter-style concept, so you order food and drinks at the front register, then choose your seat. We’ll bring everything out to your table, and grab you anything you forgot. Condiments are all on tap so, sauce yourself. ( can also perch up and order at the full service bar.)

Do you take reservations?

Negative. First come, first serve, but our peeps are happy to move things around and help you find a spot to perch up. We do, however, offer event and large party options. See the Events page for more info.

Can I order in advance to skip the line?

You can order online in advance for to-go food, without waiting in line. However, you can’t get ahead of peeps waiting for tables to dine-in. Patience is a virtue.

Do you allow pets?

Dogs (on leash) and well-trained iguanas are welcome at all coops except for Las Vegas. Service animals only on the strip (not our rules!).

Do you offer delivery?

No pants? No problem. Click “order now” on the upper right hand corner of your screen and select your location for delivery.

Do you offer nutritional information?

This info is required after 20 stores–and we’re not there quite yet. We do have an allergen chart, and are happy to answer any specific dietary questions via email:

What about us vegans or gluten free peeps?

We gotchyu. Plenty of our salads, sides (including fries!) and slaws are vegan and/or gluten free, or can be made allergen-free with minor substitutions.  We also have non-fried protein options like grilled chicken, smoked chicken and pollo asado–and gluten free bone-in fried chicken at the Encinitas & Costa Mesa coops. Visit our allergen chart, or your cashier can guide you through all of these options when you order.

Why isn't your food cheaper?

Our ingredients are the absolute highest quality that we can source, from mostly organic produce from boutique local farms, to artisan baked breads, housemade condiments & sauces, and antibiotic-free, preservative-free, “beyond free-range” chicken. Our pride lies in our locally sourced, high-end ingredients. We understand that this ethos may not be important to everyone, but we strive to use the same ingredients and chef-driven attitude towards the menu as we do at our original, fine dining restaurant, Juniper and Ivy.

Why can’t I choose what pieces of chicken come in my half or whole bird?

We buy our birds whole from small boutique farms with the goal of reducing waste and increasing sustainability practices by selling our them by the half and whole. We do offer boneless thighs and breasts that you can purchase a la carte.

Why are you called The Crack Shack?

No, it’s not because we think our food is addicting, but thanks to those who think so!  “Crack” refers to “cracking an egg”–our logo is a cracked egg meets a chicken. And our flagship location in San Diego’s Little Italy was built on a property with a metal shack, which we turned into our order window and kitchen–hence, “Shack.”

Why no waffles?

We are not your typical Southern fried chicken, but rather Southern California fried chicken. We are influenced by Southern California flavors, with Baja style poutine, slaws and salads. While we do offer some traditional sides – try our buttermilk biscuits – we strive to offer a little something different – like our chicken oysters or Mexican Poutine.

Do you sell gift cards and apparel?

We do! You can purchase gift cards here or in store. You can purchase apparel in store, or email for mailing options.

Can I bring outside food or beverage?

Sorry, but no. Outside food and beverage is not allowed by health code!

But it’s my birthday!

Happy Birthday!

What is a chicken oyster?

A chicken oyster is CHICKEN and comes from the chicken’s lower back–think the back love handle area. It is a small, tender piece of dark meat chicken, often known as the chef’s favorite part! And there are only two per bird, so they are quite the delicacy.

Why don't you bottle your sauces?

As with all of the items that leave the kitchen, the sauces contain zero preservatives that would be required to make them last more than a few days. These kinds of additives are outside of our ethos, so it’s sauce bar or bust for now.

Where are you going next?

A bird never shares its secrets. We are independently owned and do not foresee becoming a franchise, but for further information on growth opportunities, feel free to email

But when are you going to have waffles?

Likely never.



(385) 287-8977

We're OPEN for dine-in and take-out, with online ordering and delivery coming soon. Come peep the new coop!

1085 East Main Street
Lehi, UT 84043


(385) 464-1950

4505 W Partridge Hill Lane, Suite P100,
Riverton, UT, 84096


St. George

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1216 S Bluff St Suite 1201
St. George, UT 84770


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6161 State St
Murray, UT 84107

Salt Lake City

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912 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Las Vegas (Park MGM)

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3770 South Las Vegas Blvd (Entrance on Strip)
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Costa Mesa

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San Diego

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